Player wins Roberto Carlos Bugatti Veyron

In celebration of its 38th anniversary, the soccer player Roberto Carlos has won no less than a Bugatti Veyron, the information revealed Russian Moi Dagestan. This was given by the owner of Anzhi (time at which the Brazilian player acts), Suleiman Kerimov.
According to Russian information, Roberto Carlos Kerimov received from a miniature model of the Bugatti during his birthday party at a hotel. After this win, the former Corinthians player was informed that a unit equal to the Veyron model that it had received was waiting in the lobby.

As the news after the thanks of the Brazilian player, Kerimov held a speech and said other players will also get other models of the Bugatti if the team wins championships in the next four years.

According to Moi Dagestan, Roberto Carlos has called for sport to be imported to Brazil. As revealed earlier, the Bugatti Veyron costs $ 7.7 million domestically. The supercar engine in question uses quadriturbo 8.0 W 16-cylinder capable of producing 1001 horsepower and 127.5 lb.-ft. of torque. According to the brand, model performance will allow the speed to 100 km \ h in 2s7, at 200 km \ h in 7s3 and reach 300 km \ h in 16s7. The maximum is 407 km / h.


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