As Edo cars are famous for car racing competitions and cool design cars of the Edo. The Edo’s latest brag material is the Edo Murcielago. But in my openion Edo is the beautyexpert  in cars world. They are the real beautyexpert in racing competitions cars. They always make such a beauty which attracts the every individual standing in the car racing competitions and even they must say this word about Edo after looking at their cars that Edo is the beautyexpert. Do look the beauty of Edo by reading this post more and also find the specs of this car

  •  V 12 engine with 710 horse power sturdiness.
  • Maximum torque 700 Nm.
  • Speed 360 kmph and car can reach up to 62 MPH in 3.2 seconds.
  •  Body design is based on adjustable lip and a rear wing.
  • Price 69,700$.


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